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HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ( I don’t know what I should say !)

Hello to everyone !
Great news today, I was waiting for the officialization, the contract signed under the eyes, and it’s done!

It is with great joy that I announce today that “Welcome to Kiwiland” WILL BE EDITED AT MICHEL LAFON PUBLISHING !!!!!!

312 pages of laughter and “Kiaora” distributed throughout France, release planned in May 2018 ☺️

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Québec immigration hello…

Québec immigration accept my file, but I have to send to them new documents : all my proofs of employements (again), but this time with the number of hours that I used to work…

It isn’t automatic to do that, so I have to call all my ex employers and explain to them the situation and ask them to make me the document… I have till next January…I’m tired