Supported by a family dynasty of artist, I draw since childhood. After a Two-year technical degree in visual communications, I went like a future little ninja to learn the spirit of the comic strip of ancestral masters like Baru, Yan Lindingre and Jochen Gerner in glorious valley of Metz Métropole.

In 2014, after three years to work as advertising computer graphic designer in Alsace, I decided to leave everything to live a dream: go to Quebec. I returned with a collection illustrated with my trip and unconditional love for the country of the caribou there.

In 2016, while waiting for the Canadian permanent visa which will allow me to return in Quebec, I shall leave for New Zealand with the objective to learn the haka and to realize a new illustrated collection.

Also known under the name of ” Rhoooo but stop to grumble right there! “, my secret ambition is to dominate the world, but I persuade around me whom my only dream consists in making twist to laugh thanks to a series of illustrated compartments in a funny way (what returns a little to the same finally!).