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Updates and Twitter account…


*After so much years of hermitage to refuse all social networks, I finally signed up on Twitter

Hello everyone, it’s been a long time 🙂

My webdesigneur/cousin/viking make few updates.

THEREFORE : The page “book” is now open on this site, and I invite you if you like to join me on Twitter @CycletteAby 🙂

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It wasn’t my war…


First day without cigarette : it’s hard…

In fact the country is not really fully non-smoking (yet), but between the price of the package, the difficulty to find it and the smally place were you can legally smoke…

New Zealand want to be smoke-free by 2025…

I will ( try to ) stop for my stay here , more to adapt to the local culture that for my own health. I will probably take back in France , but it’s been a long time that I was looking for an excuse to stop , and when it’s all a country that tells you : “Eat nicorette gum, now!” , you’re fucking motivated !

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Kia ora!


So: – Indeed, the name of my new city is pronounced “Bléném” my landlord ‘had a good laugh when he heard me say Alsatian ?

– The kiss is not the thing of NZ, I tend cheek and they shrink, much as Quebec …

– Even though I know roughly calculate with imperial system, it suits me to not have it more manageable in addition to the language barrier!

– No shit, roll the other way, the first time and in addition you do not know your driver too, it makes freaking out!

– Yes: the center of “Bléném” is non-smoking, dog prohibited and should not walk around with visible alcohol … but otherwise it’s mega clean and everyone is nice … it looks like the beginning a dystopian movie …

– Not sure that I be made clear on that one, but in fact you have to pay for EVERY media borrowed, so the more you read, the more you pay … I have always known the annual subscription!

– So yes: Kiwis (New Zealanders nickname) are all super nice ?

Ha, and the title is the Māori, that mean “hello”