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Kia ora!


So: – Indeed, the name of my new city is pronounced “Bléném” my landlord ‘had a good laugh when he heard me say Alsatian ?

– The kiss is not the thing of NZ, I tend cheek and they shrink, much as Quebec …

– Even though I know roughly calculate with imperial system, it suits me to not have it more manageable in addition to the language barrier!

– No shit, roll the other way, the first time and in addition you do not know your driver too, it makes freaking out!

– Yes: the center of “Bléném” is non-smoking, dog prohibited and should not walk around with visible alcohol … but otherwise it’s mega clean and everyone is nice … it looks like the beginning a dystopian movie …

– Not sure that I be made clear on that one, but in fact you have to pay for EVERY media borrowed, so the more you read, the more you pay … I have always known the annual subscription!

– So yes: Kiwis (New Zealanders nickname) are all super nice ?

Ha, and the title is the Māori, that mean “hello”

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First impression of New Zealand…

So it’s true what they say about the New Zealand’s kindness!


(Actually the first person to have welcomed me was the gentleman from customs… but he has no humor and i was a little scared to finish behind bars if I jumped on him to make him a hug… )